The first grants of land in the district were in 1794. In October grants were made to two Chaplains Samuel Marsden (100 ac) and James Bain (100 ac) and then in December to William Balmain (100 ac) William Jones (24 ac) and David Kilpack (25 ac). These grants were roughly along the line of the current Pennant Hills Road and thence down to present day Eastwood.

The next grants in the district known as North Brush were in 1795. The first of these was a grant in March comprising 325 ac jointly to 13 members of the NSW Corps[1]and then in July to Charles Jenkins and Giles Golding (50 ac), David Kilpack (50 ac) and John Varnice (30 ac).

[1] James Hill, William Baxter, Josiah Emery Cooper, Robert Cross, Peter Farrell, Robert Freeman, George Gore, Samuel Hunt, Charles McCarthy, John Owen, Thomas Stoakes, John Townson, John Wood.