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This school was established in 1958 on land donated by Mr Robert Vicars. Following the death of his widow at the age of 104 years in 1970 the Vicar’s home “Yallambee” situated on the remainder of their land was also acquired and the home demolished in 1971.

“Yallambee” was built in 1916-17 for Robert Vicars and his wife. It was designed by Robert’s brother James who was an architect and engineer. Robert Vicars was one of the owners of Vicars Woollen Mills and Sydney Woollen Mills Ltd operating at Daling Mills Parramatta. It was this
business that won the contract to supply woollen cloth to the Australian Army during World War 1.

The house covered 11,500 square feet over two storeys. It was built of brick with a rough cast exterior and deep verandahs. There were extensive gardens and a long curved drive way from the corner of The Crescent and The Promenade.[1]


The first principal of the school was Miss Bessie Mitchell MBE and noted educationist.



[1] H Barker & M Elven Houses of Hornsby Shire Vol 1 (Hornsby Shire Historical Society, Hornsby, 1989) pp 106-109

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